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Unsupported Dynamic Checkout Buttons

If you're experiencing issues with MinCart not functioning as expected, a common culprit could be the presence of Dynamic Checkout Buttons on your product pages. Currently, MinCart does not support these buttons, which might interfere with the app's ability to enforce cart limits effectively.

Understanding Dynamic Checkout Buttons

Dynamic Checkout Buttons allow customers to bypass the cart page and go directly to the checkout, speeding up the purchasing process. These buttons can appear in various forms, such as:

- "Buy it now"
- "Buy with Shop Pay"
- Other alternative payment methods

These options vary based on the user's preferences and your store's configuration.

Dynamic checkout button displayed as a "Buy with Shop pay" button

Why It's a Problem

When enabled, Dynamic Checkout Buttons can circumvent the cart limits set by MinCart because they create a separate cart that MinCart is not able to track at the moment.

How to Disable Dynamic Checkout Buttons

To ensure MinCart works correctly, you'll need to disable these buttons. Here's how you can do it:

Navigate to Your Theme Settings: Go to the Shopify admin dashboard and access your theme settings in the "Online store" page.
Locate the "Dynamic checkout button" Setting: This can usually be found directly on the product page settings or within the general theme settings. Look for the second icon in the left bar for the general theme settings.
Disable Dynamic Checkout Buttons: In the "Product" section, find the option to disable Dynamic Checkout Buttons and apply the changes.

Product page setting:

Product page settings

Buy buttons block

Disable the Dynamic Checkout Buttons

General theme setting:

Where to locate the general theme settings

Final Steps

After disabling the Dynamic Checkout Buttons, MinCart should be able to enforce cart limits as configured.

As an extra security you can also enable the "Checkout validation" or "Checkout extensibility" feature which will enforce your limits in the checkout. Without any of these features enabled, a user might be able to navigate directly to the checkout page by typing it in the url and bypass your limits. Go to the Checkout Security documentation for more information.

If you continue to experience issues or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

Updated on: 08/02/2024

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