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Unsupported checkout button

Experiencing issues with MinCart not detecting certain checkout buttons? Here's how to ensure seamless functionality by manually setting a Custom Checkout Selector.

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The Issue
How to Fix


MinCart is designed to automatically recognize common checkout buttons. However, it might fail to identify checkout buttons that come from third-party cart drawer apps or unique theme customizations.

The Issue

By default, MinCart is equipped to detect standard checkout buttons. The problem may arise when you have:

A cart drawer app installed
A checkout button injected by an app
A unique checkout button customization

In such scenarios, MinCart might not detect the checkout button.

How to Fix

If you're facing this issue, you can manually specify which checkout button MinCart should recognize. Here's how:

Navigate to Theme Customization: Open the customization interface for your current theme.
Locate App Embed: On the left sidebar, you'll see an "App Embed" icon. Click on it.
Select MinCart Main Script: A list of embedded apps will appear. Select the "MinCart Main Script" embed.
Set Custom Checkout Selector: You'll find a field named "Custom Checkout Selector". Enter the CSS selector that uniquely identifies your custom checkout button. If you are unsure what to put here, our support will gladly help you with this.

By following these steps, you'll be guiding MinCart to recognize your unique checkout button through the specific CSS selector.


If the problem persists:

- Double-check the CSS selector you've entered.
- Reach out to our support for further assistance.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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