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General Limit Settings

The General Settings is where you configure the basic settings of your limit. This lets you decide when this limit is active and who it will target.

Below is a detailed guide explaining each setting:

Table of Contents

Limit Name
Start Date
End Date
Limit Target

Limit Name

Purpose: The Limit Name is used to easily identify the limit for the merchant.


Purpose: This toggle decides if the limit should be active or not. Inactive limits can be used for activation rules.

For more information about activation rules, see Activation Rules Documentation.

Start Date

Purpose: The limit will not be active before this date.

End Date

Purpose: The limit will not be active after this date.

Limit Target

Purpose: Specifies who the limit applies to. The options are Everyone, Non-Customer, and Customer. "Customer" refers to a user on the website that is logged in to an account.


If you choose Everyone, you have an additional option for Tag Exclusion.

Tag Exclusion

Purpose: The limit will target everyone except customers that have these tags.


If you choose Non-Customer, there are no additional settings. This will apply the limit to all users who are not logged in.


If you choose Customer, you have an additional option for Target Tag.

Target Tag

Purpose: The limit will only target customers that have these tags.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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