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Checkout Security

Leverage Shopify's checkout extensions and new checkout validation features to improve your store's security and customer experience with MinCart. Here's how to set up and use these features.

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Checkout Extensions
How to Enable
Checkout Validation
How to Enable


MinCart can leverage 2 new shopify features to add security to the checkout

Checkout Extensions: Allows MinCart to run natively in the checkout and add more features for extra security. (Only for shopify plus)
Checkout Validation: Allows MinCart to pass your limits from the online store sales channel to the checkout, adding a layer of security. (all shopify plans)

Checkout Extensions

Checkout Extension for MinCart is only available for Shopify Plus stores that are using the Gatekeeper plan of MinCart.

Due to some shopify limitations, limits using customer tags are not compatible with the checkout extension. The checkout validation is suggested in this case.

Checkout Extensions allow for a tailored checkout experience through apps. MinCart utilizes this feature to run natively in the checkout process, adding a robust layer of security.


Checkout: Runs natively during the checkout process.
Sales Channels: Works with dynamic checkout buttons, headless Shopify stores, and all sales channels that use Shopify's checkout.
Shop App: Can run within Shop Pay.
Activation Rules: Use Activation Rules to activate limits based on information entered by the customer in the checkout steps.

How to Enable

Follow these steps to enable the MinCart checkout extension:

Go to Shopify -> Settings -> Checkout.
Click on Customize next to your checkout profile.

On the Information page, add a block called MinCart Checkout Limits. For the setting named Checkout Step, select Information. Don't check "include app block in Shop Pay".

If you are using the one page checkout, you can ignore this step and skip to step 5 as you will only need to add MinCart's app block once with the "Payment" step option.

Repeat this process for the Shipping and Payment pages, selecting the corresponding Checkout Step.

On the Payment page, check the option Include app block in Shop Pay.

And finally, don't forget to Save.

Checkout Validation

Checkout validation is available for all shopify plans and MinCart plans.

Checkout Validation is a Shopify feature that MinCart leverages to enforce limits during the checkout step.


Sales Channel Limitation: Only works with the "online store" sales channel. This also means that the user needs to shop on the website before reaching the checkout. A direct checkout link won't work with this method.
Limited Scope: Won't work with dynamic checkout buttons, Shop App, or other sales channels.

How to Enable

To enable checkout validation:

Go to Shopify Settings -> Checkout.
Scroll down to Checkout Rules.
Click Add Rule.
Checkout rules section
Select MinCart Checkout validation.
MinCart checkout validation
Add and then click on Activate for the new rule.
MinCart checkout validation activation

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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