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When this item is in cart, require this other item


In this scenario, we leverage the MinCart "Activation rules" feature of the "Gatekeeper" plan. The goal is to prevent customers from checking out if they have an item in cart that requires another item. In this scenario we use a "Signed Card" product that can only be bought if there is a "Vinyl" product in the cart. This type of limit is accomplished by setting up two limits: an inactive limit for the Signed Card, which will be used as a rule to determine if the Signed card is in the cart, and a main active limit prevents checkout if the Vinyl product is not in cart.

Setup Process

Step 1: Create an Inactive Limit for the Signed Card

Create a limit named "Rule: Signed Card in cart".
Set this limit to inactive.
Choose "product" as the limit type.
Check the "Force Limit" checkbox.
For the product, select the "Signed Card" product.
Set the minimum quantity to 1.
Save this limit.

Step 2: Create the Main Limit to require the Vinyl product

Create another limit named "Require vinyl when Signed Card in cart".
Set this limit to Active.
Choose the "Product" limit type.
In the activation rules, add a rule stating "Limit 'Rule: Signed Card in cart' is respected".
Check the "Force limit" checkbox.
In the settings, select the vinyl product for the target.
Set the minimum quantity for this limit to 1.
Customize the "Text for maximum not respected" with an appropriate message for your customers.
Save the settings.


By following these steps, you create a conditional system where the presence of the Signed Card in the cart triggers the activation of a limit that requires at least 1 Vinyl product. This ensures that the Signed Card can only be bought if the Vinyl product is also in cart.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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