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Texts per limits

The Texts per Limits feature provides you with the capability to create more tailored warning messages for each specific limit in your store. This is especially useful if you have complex activation rules, as you can set detailed messages that clarify the conditions of each limit for your customers.

Texts per Limits is an advanced feature exclusively available in the Gatekeeper plan.

Table of Contents

Setting Warning Texts
Utilizing Variables
Language Support


With Texts per Limits, you can customize warning messages for:

Minimum: Criteria that needs to be met
Maximum: Criteria that can't be exceeded
Multiple of: Defines the multiples in which the product must be ordered

For each of these categories, you can set individual warning messages for:

Total Price
Quantity of Unique Items

Setting Warning Texts

This feature lets you set custom messages that will display when the "minimum," "maximum," or "multiple of" criteria aren't met. The tailored messages can help you convey specific conditions that apply to the particular limit.

Utilizing Variables

You can make your warning messages more informative by using variables. Here are the available variables:

General Variables

{{item}}: Displays the targeted item title.

For Minimum

{{min}}: Displays the raw minimum value.
{{min_money}}, {{min_money_with_currency}}: Format the minimum value into money.
{{min_weight}}: Format the minimum value with the selected weight unit.

For Maximum

{{max}}: Displays the raw maximum value.
{{max_money}}, {{max_money_with_currency}}: Format the maximum value into money.
{{max_weight}}: Format the maximum value with the selected weight unit.

For Multiple of

{{multiple}}: Displays the raw "multiple of" value.
{{multiple_money}}, {{multiple_money_with_currency}}: Format the "multiple of" value into money.
{{multiple_weight}}: Format the "multiple of" value with the selected weight unit.

Language Support

If your Shopify store supports multiple languages, MinCart will automatically detect this and allow you to translate the warning texts into all available languages.

Updated on: 13/09/2023

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